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Rainforest at the creek

this tea-cosy festival entry is of the forest

..... made only from materials sourced from within 50 metres of our forest home.
Cretaceous clay from the bank behind the studio.
Glaze from Pittosporum undulatum wood ash mixed with rainwater.
The trivet is made from Pymelia axiflora (Bootlace Bush) with Tetrarrhena juncea flowers (Forest Wire-grass).
The cosy is made from Eucalyptus regnans (Mountain Ash) bark, bound with Pymelia axiflora (Bootlace Bush) decorated with Pteridium esculentum (Bracken).

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The handle, from a Cyathea cunninghamii (Slender Tree-fern) frond is from the rainforest by the creek.

We used the Cyathea cunniinghamii because we want to show people how special and important these beautiful ferns are.

We had to remove a frond, for microscopic identification and hope to honour it in this exhibit.

Slender Tree-ferns are critically endangered and under threat from global warming, deer and logging that is happening right now, less than 20 kilometres from Fish Creek Hall.

To find out more or lend your support, go to:

Gippsland Forest Guardians Website

or drop us a line


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